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Last Sunday we reflected on “Healing in the Light of Christ.” For our sermon time, my heart was focused on healing–of all kinds. We were reminded from Scriptures that the One the magi welcomed was also the One the Holy Spirit blessed at baptism. We took in the reminders of Psalm 139, where the Psalmist delights in sharing the intimate knowledge our God has of us. When we take in the trust of God’s blessing, we can face whatever wildernesses we must, and the temptations we find there. Just like Christ, in whose Light we live. Our special time of anointing oil at the altar reminded us of this.

Whatever we’re facing, whatever healing we need or our loved ones need, may we take refuge again in this Good News. And may walking together help us remember… This week, we’ll ponder more about Christ’s anointing–and ours–on the weekend on which many honor the example of Martin Luther King, Jr.

For the Good News,

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