Eden UCC was founded by German immigrants in 1914, in a time of their need for community, worship, and stability. Our first century brought all the highlights of growth, struggle, and change faced by congregations seeking to be faithful and relevant in changing times.

Today, we’re leaning into a second century with hope and commitment to build on the solid foundation they laid: a community called by Jesus Christ to meet the needs of its neighbors. Blessed by the legacies and lessons of the past, we are embracing the future by discerning how we can best be a blessing today. This means through our worship, study and service of our neighborhood and beyond.

Oh, and our congregation is small, friendly, and SERIOUS about Faith, Food, and Fellowship.

Read more on this site about our investments in youth, our worship and, other upcoming events, and exciting ways we’re sharing our building with good causes. We’re being intentional about honoring the past, even as we pay attention to the present and live out hope for the future. Our Mission Statement sums up HOW we’re going about growth in this current season:

“We remember and honor the past.
We look ahead to where our ministry can go to bring God’s plan into our lives.
In love and obedience to God, we share the gospel of Jesus Christ through worship, service and outreach.”