A Disrupting Faith

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This past week, we reflected on the healing story of the paralyzed man brought to Jesus by friends willing to have “A Disrupting Faith” (like, taking off the roof tiles and lowering their friend down into the crowded house). We don’t know their story, these advocates – or the story of the one on the bed… we only know he had a need. We don’t even know if he had hope, or if they had all the hope for him. We don’t know if they knew a soul in that house, or whether it was hard for them to decide to risk trying to get in.

All we know is they had a disrupting faith. Whatever Jesus was selling INSIDE that place, whatever was going in there where Jesus was at work in the house, well it drove them to raise that roof, and take those tiles off to get there. For their loved one. For themselves and their duty to their loved one. This kind of bold, desperate action is usually rewarded and praised by our Jesus.

We can guess, due to human nature, that some folks inside – say maybe the “owner” or those who got their first, were not happy. They were testy with Jesus, having their order and norms disrupted. But that was not Jesus’ take on the situation… He did not see this “disruption” as an interruption of God’s work, but an expansion of God’s work. And so he healed, he forgave, he taught.

Join us this week as we meditate together on the promise of God’s restoring abundant life and feast (Isaiah 55), and the intimate words Jesus has with Martha and Mary. Together, we will lean into the Holy Invitation: “Listen and Live.” As we travel together toward Lent, perhaps there will be some things we discover need to be disrupted (including in ourselves…)

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