Turning toward Lent

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Keep two pieces of paper in your pocket at all times. One that says ‘I am a speck of dust.’ And the other, ‘The world was created for me.'”

-Rabbi Bunim of P’shiskha

I was reminded of this treasure when I picked up a treasured book to re-read this season. Yearnings: Embracing the Sacred Messiness of Life by Irwin Kula and Linda Loewenthal explores the humility of life and path that is God’s best dream for us. I found it a decade ago just when I needed some fresh ideas and companions on my own walk.

As we turn toward Lent in the coming days, we’ll revisit a number of Gospel stories that hold together these ideas: our frail and broken humanity along with the glory of being reconciled and resurrected children of God. Blessed by Mardi Gras decadence, we’ll take on ashes to soberly focus us on our finite lives.

And, we’ll continue on…with Christ’s guidance and one another. I pray the depths of renewal will unfold for you in just the ways you need.

For the Good News,

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